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Manage your projects and business like a PRO with Project Completely, the All-in-One Business Solution that empowers internal communication, and streamlines interaction with your clients.

Avoid the stress of setting up, learning, and paying for a hotchpotch of separate software tools.

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Project Completely REPLACES the core functionality of ALL these tools

How big is your team now? In the future?

1 Person
10 People
25 People
50 People
$20 / mo per user
$200 / mo
$500 / mo
$1000 / mo
$25 / mo per user
$250 / mo
$625 / mo
$1250 / mo
$9.99 / mo per user
$100 / mo
$250 / mo
$500 / mo
$15 / mo per user
$150 / mo
$375 / mo
$750 / mo
$50 / mo per user
$500 / mo
$1250 / mo
$2500 / mo
$20 / mo per user
$200 / mo
$500 / mo
$1000 / mo
$55 / mo per user
$550 / mo
$1375 / mo
$2750 / mo
$24 / mo per user
$240 / mo
$600 / mo
$1200 / mo
$15 / mo per user
$150 / mo
$375 / mo
$750 / mo
$49 / mo per user
$490 / mo
$1225 / mo
$2450 / mo
$8 / mo per user
$80 / mo
$200 / mo
$400 / mo
Total Monthly Costs to Use:
$2,910 / mo
$7,275 / mo
$14,550 / mo
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Costs Much Less!
INCLUDES the core functionality of all the software above
$149 / mo
(Unlimited Users)


Automate your Lead generation & Client Onboarding Process

Create & configure multiple clients acquisition & onboarding funnels professionally designed to convert Leads into happy Customers.

  • Use Website Embeddable Embed Client Intake Form
  • Use Unlimited Custom Fields in CRM
  • Customize the Client Portal
  • Automate your Client Onboarding process
  • Create and Configure Funnel/Landing Pages to suit


CRM Illustration
Onboarding Illustration

Onboarding +
Custom Dashboards

Client’s unique data is dynamically merged into their assigned Custom Dashboard

Get started with pre-built custom Dashboard templates and display client's unique data, status, and/or files. Embed Youtube, Vimeo, iFrames videos, or any other embeddable widget directly into Client Portal.

  • Set a custom Dashboard for each Client
  • Use custom Dashboard as the ‘Landing Page/Start Page’
  • Each client uniquely sees their own data, status, and/or files


Invoicing +

Receive Online Payments + Subscription Payments + Membership Site Solution

Project Completely is a unique solution for sending invoices to clients & receiving online payments in the Portal. A Membership site solution and a powerful subscription management solution for both you and the client.

  • Quickly create Invoices and choose to get paid online
  • Auto-converted Estimates to Invoices on client approval
  • Create Invoices for both ‘One Time’ & Subscription items
  • Clients can manage & cancel Subscriptions from the Portal
  • Securely store Client’s ‘Payment Methods on file’


Invoicing Illustration
Cloud File Storage Illustration

Cloud File Storage +

Securely store, send, and share files with ease

Upload and Download the files. Use a client portal to share files and assign permissions for access. This feature protects and promote your brand integrity. Also, provide tools to do the exact job you need.

  • Clients Files are Secured on Cloud Storage
  • Client onboarding with integrated file(s) upload
  • Ask Clients to upload files using File Requests 
  • Send/Share files of any size to anyone
  • Powerful and Flexible Shared Folders


Cloud Proposals +

Send appealing Proposals online for Prospects' review & acceptance

Design and send substantial, multi-page Proposals onine that can auto-trigger other actions when accepted.

  • The client can view and eSign the Proposal online
  • No need to Log in to view the Proposal
  • Auto-generate Invoices and Contracts on Proposal Approval
  • Templates prevent repetitive work and save time
  • e-Signature is documented & 100% legal


Cloud Proposals Illustration
Appointment Booking Illustration

Appointment Booking +

Use stand-alone 'Booking Page' or add an Appointment Booking Widget on Website for each Member of your Team.

Dynamic control options for appointment length, the time between appointments, etc. Configure appointment type details and set automated action to trigger when an appointment is booked.

  • Featured for Entire Team
  • Leads can book appointments directly from the website using booking widgets
  • Custom ‘Book Me’ landing page and URL
  • Syncing with Google Calendar


Projects +
Templates + Automation

Assign tasks to your team and engage your clients with projects. Use Templates & Automations to avoid time loss and repetitive work.

Everything you need is just a click away and right at your fingertips. Easily monitor and control time spent on a particular project or activity, and generate invoice using time as billable item.

  • Use Project Templates to Save Time & Avoid Repetition
  • Design and Automate the Workflow Steps
  • Granular Time Tracking using individual Task Timers
  • Generate invoices using Tasks/Projects
  • Visualize Tasks using Kanban Boards


Projects Illustration
Email Marketing Illustration

Email Marketing +
Drip Campaigns

Setup Marketing Contact Lists & Set triggers to move them into new lists(s).

Create and deliver email campaigns with powerful controls. Automatically send Autoresponders/Drips to new contacts on lists update.

  • Use Embedded Form to Add Contacts or Add Manually
  • Powerful controls for sending and scheduling campaigns
  • Make and Re-Use base Design using Templates
  • Import Contacts via CSV
  • Track campaign opens and clicks


Secure Messaging +
Live Chat

Securely organize communication with your Team and Clients

A private & secure messaging network inside portal to send message to one or more clients. Empower collaboration with Team using Life Chat.

  • HIPAA Compliant secure messaging
  • Clients can send messages to you
  • Client Messaging Access Controls
  • Organize Communication with Folders
  • Live chat w/ direct messages & channels


Secure Messaging Illustration

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a client portal?

Project Completely Client or Customer portal is a cloud-based gateway to a collection of digital files, services, and information, accessible over the Internet on any desktop and/or mobile device.

Portals are generally used to exchange private messages, manage clients (Integrated CRM solution), manage project tasks, share and download files, embed custom forms, and create custom flows to improve customer journeys to increase retention and reduce churn rates.

How can I use a client portal?

Manually dealing with emails and clients requests work fine, but it often does not comes with a simple user experience.

That’s why we build Project Completely.

The best way to certify an exceptional client experience is by using a client portal, development from the ground up to give you peerless flexibility and an extremely professional interface. To achieve this, your organization would typically need to set up, learn, and pay for dozens of tools and finally spend a fortune in custom development.

What Makes Project Completely different?

We are a “Community-centered” all-in-one business solution. We build what the Community needs for, that’s why we know that you’ll really love to use what we build.

You can find a features list on our website that explains everything you need to know about us.

We always keep on working on the tools to improve customer experience and prioritize customer satisfaction over everything.  Project Completely is here for the long run, will you join us?

How secure are your client portals?

We strictly follow all the best practices to ensure the security of your files and business data.

We generate backups of the whole platform multiple times a day. We have a rigid system to absorb all hiccups (big and small) and the average response time for our tickets is less than 10 hours.

Our client portal is secure to use, also HIPAA compliant.

This means our tool is equally beneficial for a doctor to manage appointments and share private information with patients, or for an accountant to update their terms, or send the self-assessment to their clients for the year.

Does Project Completely include project management?

Yes, but it’s so much more than that! Project Completely is an All-in-One Business Solution that is not only a client portal but also serves as your primary business platform because it contains multiple toolkits to cover all your needs.

All-in-One Business solution having multiple tools in one platform for all business needs make us a unique and powerful platform for our customers.

Your clients will be able to track & monitor tasks and be updated on their projects, but you can use this client portal to do a lot more than just that!

For example, they will be able to:

  • Exchange Private Messages (goodbye emails)
  • Upload and Share Files Resources (DropBox-style)
  • eSign Contracts (who said we need Hellosign?)
  • Online Pay Invoices (support all major gateways supported with 0% fee on our side)
  • See custom pages and onboarding flows (yup, like a membership portal!)

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