Why Project Completely

It didn’t exist, so we built it!

+ Project Completely All-in-One Platform


Why Project Completely

Here’s the Problem…

There are many tools for projects & tasks management, billing/invoicing, client portals, file sharing, email & drip marketing, and more. However, setting up, learning, and paying for all is a major challenge, each one has its own recurring subscription plans, and those difficulties and monthly payments start to add up as a huge financial burden! Trying to organize a business using a varied set of stitched tools and can be a drain, both on your energy and your finances.

Problem Illustration
Solution Illustration

… and the Solution

Project Completely was built to be the All-in-One Business Solution where you can log in to access all business tools on a single platform. So, Project Completely allows you to seamlessly integrate your projects & tasks with your invoices, your client portals with your email & drip campaigns, and easily exchange information and files.

The end product is a fully integrated and highly automated platform that lets you handles all of your business functions, from one platform. An all-in-one business platform, one login to remember, one learning phase, one recurring fee.

Above all, you can FULLY customize the portal with your branding?

Branding Environment

A Fully Branded Environment

Having All-in-One Business Solution is exciting. But it is more demanding to see how your clients see your portal. You can Fully Customize everything from the colors/fonts of menus, login page, and URL of the portal.

You can present a fully branded dashboard and onboarding flows to your clients. It provides an air of professionalism which the clients definitely appreciate and prosperous for your business integrity.

Project Completely Value

The value is easy to see

With all of this in mind, the intrinsic value of Project Completely is easy to realize. Simply from a time and cost perspective, learning to use one system and paying an incredibly low subscription of one platform is inherently lighter on the pocket and less time-consuming than learning and subscribing to five, six, or even ten(!) different platforms.

Above All, it is a professional-looking, powerful, affordable platform that will impress bosses, employees, and clients alike.